Breast Care Electric Massager| Breast Enlargement Device| Lactanine Increaser DeviceMedix Mask & Sanitizer



2 channels,8 massage modes.

Adopt hi-tech micro bioelectricity theory to breasts.

Electronic impulse massager for breasts
stimulate estragon and hormone.

Stimulate secretion of estragon and pregnant hormone, promote complete development of breasts.

Improves mammary glands secretion to enlarge the breast.

Accelerate the blood circulation of breast.


Portable Breast Detector-Basic


Input Voltage: 100-240V / 5V

Product Size:17.5 * 4 * 4.5 cm

Wavelength-620 NM

Charger Input-AC 100 – 240 V, 0.36 A, 50-60 Hz

Optical Power-0 – 100 mW

Net weight-223 g

Gross Weight-758 Grams

Battery Time-180 Mins

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