Adult, Paediatric And Neonates Trans Illuminator(All In One)


Infra LED Lights-24 Nos


Material-ABS Plastic

Accessories-USB Cable & Tourniquet Belt

Areas of clinical trials-98% Paediatrician,100% Neonates, 88% Adult Palms, 92%                                            Upper Elbow



  1. Rechargeable and battery backup up to 2.5 hours ( Continues ON)
  2. Easy On-off switch, Enhanced Visibility Provides Much Clearer Vein Visibility
  3. Made In India. ISO CE IEC 62471 Safety & US FDA Certified Exclusive product in India
  4. USB charging port & charging indication, Diamond finish ABS material
  5. Vein Check VCU013 is very easy to use device for vein access.

Advanced Projector Infrared Trans Illuminator Device


Origin-Made In India

Certifications- US FDA/European CE/ ISO 13485 2016/ GMP/ISO 9001/Safety IEC


Neo Plus Vein Viewer Vein Light Torch(US-FDA/EU CE Approved)


Package Includes:- Neo+ Vein Light Torch+ Carry case+ Lens cover+ Lanyard+ User Manual+50 Disposable Bags(ordered by www.veincheck.tech only)

Recommended Use by:- Paediatricians/Neonatologist, Neonatal Nursery, Experience practitioner can try adult wrist/palms and elbows


Inbuilt Rechargeable Battery With long battery life

Aluminium Gripping Body, to hold with ease

Can be sterilized easily

USB Charging socket for charge device

comes with USA/Canada/UK/ India style adapter

Wrist Band, Lens cover and disposable packs are supplied free

Deep Infrared LED Light with 30000 Hours life.

FDA Class I Medical Device

Safety Standards Certified by IEC 62471 BY Deutsche accredit ion board Germany

Quality standards certified by ISO 9001 20016/ ISO 13485 2016 GMP-Good manufacturing standards.

Model name:- Neo+ vein Light Torch

Country of origin:- India


Projector Infrared Portable Vein Viewer



Operational Principal Should Be-

infrared Vein finder acquires image of subcutaneous veins,the image which results from dealing with image signal is projected onto the surface of the skin.Thus,Subcutaneous vein image will be displayed on the skin surface of the corresponding position.

Technical parameters should be as below:-

Effective Positive Projection Distance-29 cm – 31cm

Light projection: 300 lux-1000 lux

Active radiation contains wavelength light:750 nm-980 nm

Electrical Source-Lithium ion polymer batteries

Service voltage-D.C.3.0-V4.2V

Prevent into the liquid level:IPX0

Features should be as Below:

Height adjustment/distance measurement/Imaging Mode switch/Imaging brightness adjustment

Sleep/Enhancer/Shut down/Sunlight or indicator light illume

Temperature of storage–5C to 40 C Humidity Does not Exceed Above 80%

Should be available with compact stand.stand should be with charging station

Image brightness should be variable with intensity control

3 colour modes should be available to identify veins


Vascular Vein Tracer C Shape Vein Light Device(US-FDA Registered)


Exclusively works on rechargeable Battery and AC/DC Plug

Recommended use-When you are off from vein access please dont keep it continually ON,with no use as In Ideal Unused time which reduce product life.


SKU-GP101   Brand-Vein-Check®

Country of Origin-Made In India

Product Classification:Medical Class I, FDA Registered for USA

Material-ABS Plastic

Product size: 97*50MM

Infrared LED’s-15 In Array

Battery Capacity-280 MAH

Product weight:300G

Power Capacity-5W

Color: White

Type-Clinical Examination Aids