Pain Light Therapy For Temporomandibular Joint Syndromes Pain Relief


Package Includes- Pain Light Pen+ Carry Case+ Lanyard+ User manual +Lens cover+ Disposable bags-50 set+ Black Goggle(ordered from

Dual USB Charger Socket so if one gets fail you can use with another one.

Inbuilt Rechargeable Battery with long battery life up to 3.5 hours continuously

New Deep infrared LED Light with 30,000 Hours life of 650 NM Wavelength

Charging Indicator at bottom

Focal spot Lens & cover

Wrist Band & Disposable packs free with device

Sterilizer can be used to make device infection control as per CDC Guidelines

FDA Class I Medical Device

Universal US/Canada/UK/India style adapter supplied with device

100 in stock

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  • AN ORAL REMEDY TO END THE TORTURE: Suffering from oral pain is horrible. It leads to headaches and overall discomfort, threatening your productivity and lifestyle. Shine a light on that pain and end it now. Take control with GP’s Oral Care Light Therapy system, a non-invasive treatment for soothing, gentle oral relief in as little as 10 minutes per day..
  • PROMOTE HEALTHY TEETH WITH NEW TECHNOLOGY: Stop relying on over-the-counter treatments that don’t work and instead do everything possible to maintain great oral health. GP’s Red Light Oral Therapy device is truly revolutionary, using advanced LED engineering to combat tooth pain and promote the healing of tissue and bone – without digesting harmful chemicals..
  • BANISH THE BACTERIA, FRESHEN BREATH: Harmful microorganisms jeopardize your overall health by producing breeding grounds for periodontal and gum disease, allowing for infections and cavities to run rampant in your mouth. GP’s safe and effective red light therapy helps to regenerate your gum line and blast away the harmful bacteria that threaten your winning smile..
  • ALWAYS BE READY TO FIGHT THE PAIN: Halt the damage and make your teeth mighty and powerful no matter where you are. Toss the portable kit in your bag and always be ready to fight the pain immediately. Sitting in traffic with a terrible toothache? Plug the red-light device into your smartphone – instant relief..
  • THE VERY BEST GIFT FOR ANYONE WITH TEETH: Looking for a gentle, natural, low-cost, tooth & gum care treatment, teens to seniors, whether Your own, implants or dentures – with metal or plastic braces! Our device has passed 3rd party lab testing. 100% legit & a TRUE Red Light Therapy & VERY effective with regular daily use over a long period of time. Not a Quick fix! REALLY DOES WORK, IF USED! “wavelengths in the range of 400–1000NM kill bacteria” FACT! Peaks at 635NM covering: 570NM-685NM..

Suffering from oral pain is horrible. It leads to headaches and
overall discomfort, threatening your productivity and lifestyle.
End it now. Take control with GP’s Red Light Oral Health Care
Dental Device, a non-invasive medical grade treatment for ending
pain and improving gum health instantly. And, it doesn’t wash
away with your saliva. Quit buying tube after tube of numbing
gels that only give you 2 minutes of relief. GP’S Oral Care Red
Light Therapy is a safe, gentle and holistic approach to
improving tooth and gum health.

Wear your smile like a gorgeous gem! Sparkling teeth and healthy
gums capture immediate attention. If your oral health needs an
overhaul, red light treatment is the way to go. Even after the
1st 10 minute treatment with GP’s Red Light Oral Health Care
Device, your teeth will feel tighter and brighter!

Ultra-effective red light therapy is the solution for your
dental care needs! Purchase your kit today to receive GP’s
signature mouth tray with USB power chord so you can relax
comfortably while your mouth’s damaging bacteria is under full

After you brush and floss, insert the removable mouth tray up to
3 times a day for 10-20 minutes each session. Within a few short
weeks, you’ll see a noticeable improvement in gum growth and
toothache pain will be long gone!

You cannot find another product on the market that gives you the
numerous benefits of GP’s Red Light Therapy Oral Device! Using
it in your daily oral care regimen for just 10 minutes a day is
so easy! You cannot delay the fantastic benefits of great dental
care and this device delivers amazing results! Add GP’s original
and advanced Red Light Oral Health Device to your cart today!

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