Neo Plus Vein Viewer Vein Light Torch(US-FDA/EU CE Approved)


Package Includes:- Neo+ Vein Light Torch+ Carry case+ Lens cover+ Lanyard+ User Manual+50 Disposable Bags(ordered by only)

Recommended Use by:- Paediatricians/Neonatologist, Neonatal Nursery, Experience practitioner can try adult wrist/palms and elbows


Inbuilt Rechargeable Battery With long battery life

Aluminium Gripping Body, to hold with ease

Can be sterilized easily

USB Charging socket for charge device

comes with USA/Canada/UK/ India style adapter

Wrist Band, Lens cover and disposable packs are supplied free

Deep Infrared LED Light with 30000 Hours life.

FDA Class I Medical Device

Safety Standards Certified by IEC 62471 BY Deutsche accredit ion board Germany

Quality standards certified by ISO 9001 20016/ ISO 13485 2016 GMP-Good manufacturing standards.

Model name:- Neo+ vein Light Torch

Country of origin:- India

100 in stock




Vein-Check® Torch is a revolutionary new transillumination device designed to detect Veins easily in infantsVein-check® Torch’s new form factor makes it easy, convenient and readily available for assisting with venous and arterial access. This device features One Super Bright Deep Red colored light which penetrates up-to 12 mm from skin surface in infants and neonates.

Normally The distance for a 7 pound (3 kgs)  baby from outer skin surface to bone is:

Medial and lateral heel-3.32 mm; posterior heel-2.33 mm( This site should be avoided,to reduce the risk of hitting bone) Toe-2.19 mm

The Recommended Depth for a finger-Prick Is:

for a child over 6 months and below 8 years-1.5 mm; for a child over 8 years-2.4 mm

Too much compression should be avoided ,because this may cause a deeper puncture than is needed to get good flow.

Methods of use:-Recommended pictorial view and below Step by step Vein Check Use Guide



Turn the Torch vein-check® on by pressing the button on the bottom of the device


Putting gentle pressure on the skin, slowly move from side to side. Veins will show as a shadow, that will appear in the peripheral of the red glow


Once a vein (dark shadow/line) is found, reposition the Torch vein-check® for the best visual of the vein

Note- Please do not use on pets and it’s not tested on Veterinaries

Warning- Don’t use on Eyes,it may damage cornea. Take it seriously please as we have seen many customers in Idle time do experiments which may harm you.

Few Clinical Images on above standards shared by medical practitioners from India to appreciate us as below:


Additional information

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