Vascular Vein Tracer C Shape Vein Light Device(US-FDA Registered)


Exclusively works on rechargeable Battery and AC/DC Plug

Recommended use-When you are off from vein access please dont keep it continually ON,with no use as In Ideal Unused time which reduce product life.


SKU-GP101   Brand-Vein-Check®

Country of Origin-Made In India

Product Classification:Medical Class I, FDA Registered for USA

Material-ABS Plastic

Product size: 97*50MM

Infrared LED’s-15 In Array

Battery Capacity-280 MAH

Product weight:300G

Power Capacity-5W

Color: White

Type-Clinical Examination Aids

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How Does Vascular Vein Check Works In Different area for Accessing Veins

GP’s Vein-Check® focus on vein finder illumination, vein viewer, vascular vein finder.Our handheld vein viewer device is the affordable portable vein finder for general vein access in adults and children.

Charging:Powered by charger directly when using with 15 LED’s operated by a single switch.It is used for efficient IV access in emergency medicine.

Use of Device: The portable vein finder can be used for vascular, adults, pediatric ,urology,renal failure and infants based on clinical random trials taken by many practitioners world wide.

Structure and performance: vein finder illumination is having 15 pieces Infra led lights.Infra LED Lights are cold LED Light Source.Clinically proven with ratio of 98% accuracy however your experience to use this device is also matters equivalently

Make of Product: portable vein finder is our hot selling items.The main material of portable vein finder is ABS plastic.

Weight:-The weight of portable vein finder is 300 grams. Each vein finder illumination is in white color box. 

Portable- its ergonomic design helps medical users to find access vein by non contact use with target location for vein imaging access.

Clinically Images shared by Our users from Kidney renal dialysis and Chubby Paediatric Patients


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Weight 100 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 20 cm

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15 × 15 × 15 cm


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